Holistic Homebirth Doula & Postpartum Doula | Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY

Helping You Take The Fear Out Of Your Birthing Experience

What is a doula?

  • Someone who supports the birth you want.
  • Someone who helps you prepare for and deal with the possibly unexpected.
  •  Is a non-medical professional
  • Someone who offers physical, educational and emotional support
  • Some who lowers your chance of having a unwanted cesarean
  • Teach and support partner Someone on your side, during one of the, if not THE most important and intense experience in your life
  • Shares their resources with you

Sept 2021 During Maternal Support Classes

About Me

Hello Beautiful People ♥️ I am Linda Eileen, the owner of @thefearlessbirther, co-founder and PROUD member of this group of amazing humans!

I am a crunchy Homebirth Doula, Postpartum Doula and soon to be certified Lactation Consultant. I am a hardcore VBAC activist that provides homebirth and postpartum services for families in NYC.

I am humbly blessed to be surrounded by my college sweetheart (aka hubby) and two children, who are TRULY my greatest accomplishments in life 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

My love (more like obsession🥰) of birth and helping families, began after I began my journey into Motherhood.

After facing my own heartbreaking disappointments with my first birth, I decided to take on the system and heal myself, by having my second child in my home 🏠♥️

I believe in the power and beauty of bringing new life into a safe sacred space, with chosen loved ones surrounding you. You make the rules in your home, no one else does 🙌🏽

If a doula were a drug. It would be unethical not to use one. - John H. Kennel